And the nominees are...

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

Anyone familiar with the Christmas party will know that the Marketing team is currently in a frenzy making sure everything goes perfectly. Rik is designing everything from table numbers to working scale replicas of the Apollo 11 Spacecraft, I’m writing a sackful of presentations and speeches and Christmas cards and Kat is triple-checking every last detail. By all accounts, it should be a great night and it wouldn’t be complete without the Webbie Awards.

We released the categories for the 2014 awards last month. With only some mild nagging, everyone posted their nominations into our shiny Webbie Awards postboxes, and the scene is set for an exciting evening next month. Here goes:

The nominees are…

The Champagne Award – for the Webbie with the most sparkling personality

  • Lora Lovchalieva
  • Chryssi Gkolfinpoulou
  • Faiza Haque
  • Mark Owen

The Inspiring Young Minds Award – for dedication to Code Club

  • Shaun Austin
  • Daniel Howlett
  • Craig Foden
  • Kathryn Fielding

The Beautiful Mind Award – for the Webbie with the most interesting way of thinking

  • Kris Cartwright
  • Giles Smart
  • Safder Iqbal
  • Andrew Taylor

Sports Personality of the Year – Commitment to sporting activities

  • Vivienne Dean
  • Fahim Mukhtar
  • Jack Simpson
  • Ben Lewis

The ROFLCOPTER Award – for the funniest Webbie

  • James Rowlands
  • Luke Potts
  • Nikki Schofield
  • Simon Levy

The Bert & Ernie Award – for the inseparable duo

  • Rik and Jack
  • Nikki and Dalli
  • Dale and Kenny
  • Bea and Bo

The Wolf of Hall Street – for the biggest Webbie party animal

  • Mark Owen
  • Andrew Taylor
  • Nick Stafford
  • Ben Nawaz

The Alan Turing Award – Developer of the Year

  • Andrew Billings
  • Mark Owen
  • Jon Hall
  • Simon Levy
  • Chris Sweeney

The Pride of Web Apps Award – Employee of the Year

  • Jeffrey Ng
  • Kathryn Fielding
  • Ben Lewis
  • Simon Levy

If Mark ‘The Omen’ Owen doesn’t win biggest Webbie party animal, I will be demanding a recount! Good luck to all!