Having a Boss Day at Web Apps UK!

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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When a visitor comes to Windsor Works, it must be rather easy for them to see that the employees here are well looked after. I’m not just talking about the immaculate kitchens, the clean, well-managed offices, the friendly, open culture or even the calming presence of office mascots Bea and Bo, but also the little things. What really keeps people going is the constant support, the provision of coffee and endless supply of breakfast cereals to fortify you for the day ahead. That being said, the big stuff is not to be scoffed at –  the benefits sheet at Web Applications UK is nearly as long as a post-modern dystopian novella, though it makes for much easier reading!

I’m sure you will agree that we’re a lucky bunch to have such a relaxed environment to work in. As such, when the opportunity arises, we don’t mind spending time showing the ones in charge that we’re thankful for what they do. Though some Webbies were a little skeptical about the existence of Boss’s Day, it is a legitimate day – with its own Hallmark range, Wikipedia page and everything. As ever, Kat was on hand to order a personalised card, and Naomi coordinated the arrival of a slightly unorthodox pizza (it was made out of chocolate) for our Directors.

DSC_0898 DSC_0895


Meanwhile, Managers Viv, Fahim, Shaun and Jeff all received individual-sized versions of the sharer pizza the Directors received, and Viv was even presented with a lovely gift basket by her team that contained a ‘like a boss’ mug, some hot chocolate, and some biscuits to dip. I’m sure she won’t mind that I took the liberty of borrowing a photo of it from her Facebook profile…


Web Apps is, of course, a great place to work. But it wouldn’t be that way without you guys, and it’s nice to get the opportunity to do little things to show that we know that we care! Here’s wishing an excellent Boss’s Day to all the supervisors out there, and don’t forget, the 6th of March is employee appreciation day 😉