Webbie Awards '14 Categories Released - Who Will Win?!

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

I know it was you, Fredo.

You’ll have to forgive me – as I type, it’s the 15th of October and surely in most ordinary people’s minds not the time to be talking about Christmas. But as you should know by now, Webbies are not ordinary people, and Webbie Christmas is not like normal Christmas. See below!
The first item on our agenda this year is releasing the categories for the 7th installment of the annual Webbie Awards. Here goes…

The Beautiful Mind Award
For the person who has the most interesting way of thinking. This award will most likely be won by someone who is secretly an evil genius.

The Bert & Ernie Award
For the most inseparable duo! Past nominees for similar awards include Nick Fowler and Craig Kennedy, Shaun Austin and Gordon Pearce.

The Champagne Award
 For the employee with the sparkling personality. Whoever wins this award will be someone who always brightens up our days with a smile!

The Inspiring Young Minds Award
As a company, we dedicate a lot of time bringing Code Club to our local community, teaching the fundamentals of coding to young minds. This award will be won by the most dedicated teacher we have!

This award will go straight to our funniest employee. The prankster prince. The one who always leaves chortles in their wake.

Sports Personality of the Year
Here at Web Apps, we have a wide range of sporting clubs and events. This award will go to the employee who has put in the most effort to attend regular sports clubs.

The Wolf of Hall Street
This award, which will go to the biggest party animal here at Web Apps, will be hotly contested! We’re known as a bit of a crazy bunch: OK, we’re no Stratton Oakmont, (how would we ever get anything done?) but we’ve certainly got an active social scene with a host of employees that could bag this award.

Then, there are our blockbuster awards…

The Alan Turing Award – Developer of the Year
Each year, there are more than a handful of devs here at Web Apps who stand out from the crowd, which is a feat in itself, because we only hire outstanding developers; this award will to the developer voted as having stood out the most this year.

The Pride of Web Apps Award – Employee of the Year
This one speaks for itself! The most coveted Webbie Award, with past winners such as Jeff Ng, Ian Munro, and Naomi McKenna.


Chief Event Organiser Kat has placed the ballot boxes out, and there’s a buzz in the office today as people speculate on potential nominees – Good luck to everyone!