Webbie Apprentices: Our favourite success stories

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

Over the years, we’ve made it well known that we love apprenticeships. In the past, we took in and trained a Systems Engineer from scratch, and our very own Finance Director, Craig Kennedy, got his start as an apprentice in the past. It was a natural step for us to move into delivering IT apprenticeships on a serious basis.

In October of last year, around the time some of their peers will have been starting university, we welcomed a dozen 6th form graduates into our midst as Apprentice Software Engineers. Though it feels like no time at all, 12 months have passed; we have seen some of them develop into capable junior employees, and reluctantly send them back into the world. Here’s a selection of our favourite success stories.

Daniel Madeley
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Danny had known from a young age that he wanted to work in IT. He found spending a year as an Apprentice in a professional environment – such a place where he envisions himself working in the future – an eye-opening experience, that gave him the confidence to pursue a university education. He has now gone to study Computer Science at the University of Huddersfield. He praised the “excellent training and support” he received at Web Applications, which was instrumental to furthering his education into university.

William Yip
Originally from Tahiti, multi-lingual William (he speaks English, Cantonese, Mandarin, French, and Tahitian) intended to move on to study Languages at university after the apprenticeship. However, after a year working in the dynamic environment of software development, he had a change of heart and has now embarked on a degree in Software Engineering. He’s still technically learning languages – just not spoken ones!

Andrew Butler
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Meeting Andrew, you wouldn’t expect that he goes home every night to a farm that works around 300 cattle. All his life, Andrew has watched and helped his Dad take care of the farm, occasionally even getting behind the wheel of a tractor. Whilst ploughing through code at Web Apps, Andrew has done what software developers do best, and learnt from the professionals around him. He says he really enjoyed being trusted to “have a go at real work” – manning the support phones! Andrew’s commitment to getting better has paid off, and he now makes a new start as a full-time Junior Software Developer at Web Applications UK.

To all of our apprentices: it’s way too quiet here without you. Be safe out there, and we wish you all the best. Make us proud.