Movin' On Up: Naomi Promoted (Again!)

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

I’m pleased to officially announce we’ve made some adjustments to (in the alliterative rhetoric of Chief Executive Craig Dean) “our already awesome admin team”. A little over a year since her promotion to Admin Co-ordinator, Naomi has found herself promoted to Executive Assistant! The role gives her much more responsibility, as she is able to act as Craig’s proxy in the appropriate situations, and now speaks with executive authority.

It feels good to see someone doing so well, especially someone who is a veteran Webbie that has invested a lot of time in us. Naomi, as I’m sure regular readers of this blog will know, has been at Web Apps for a long time – she’s now been with us for half of of our time as a company, having joined us in 2007. That time has been spent growing into a capable and dedicated professional, and finding time along the way to help others learn and get better at their jobs.
Seen here fist bumping Co-Founder/Director Gordon Pearce, Naomi always finds a way to brighten up our days, whether it’s starting impromptu paper airplane races (with her trusty plane, ‘The Awesomenator 2.0’), or bringing in rocky road for us to feast on. She’s the first port of call for anyone who needs a bit of advice, being endlessly knowledgeable on the way things work here at Windsor Works.

Naomi by numbers:

50% – Naomi has been an employee at Web Apps for 7 years – we’ve been operating for 14!

20 – She was the 20th employee we hired.

17 – Her age when she joined.

13 – The amount of desks she has occupied.

3 – Weeks, the longest she has spent away from Web Apps, when visiting Thailand last year.

It’ s a mathematical fact – Naomi is a Webbie legend! All the best in your new role!