Thinking Big at Hazel Grove Sixth

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

Here at Web Apps, we’re always keen to show our support to the next generation, and we were thrilled at the chance to take part in another O2 Think Big Event, in collaboration with Jonathan Beckett and the fantastic team he has assembled. Think Big are running workshops up and down the country, encouraging creative thought in young minds, and opening a forum for students to talk about their futures. The O2 team provided very appropriate role models, bringing one of their current apprentices with them, as well as an employee who rose through the ranks as an apprentice. This time around we headed to Hazel Grove High School’s Year 12 class to help them plan a theoretical business. As such, we brought a team with a wide range of expertise – company Co-Founder/Director Gordon Pearce, Systems Engineer Dale Wright, and myself and Kat providing Marketing/Admin support respectively.

The exercise introduces the idea of company formation, including assigning different roles based on personal skills. For example, a Business Studies student might have taken the role of Finance Director, and perhaps would have been involved in writing a business plan for the venture. More creative-minded students, perhaps budding copywriters and graphic designers, would take the role of Marketing Manager, or Creative Director.

Jonathan introduced The Ideas Factory, an hour brainstorming session where the groups came up with several innovative business ideas, and consulted with ourselves to decide which one was the best to run with. Some of more outlandish rejected ideas included a ‘ginger dating website’ with the strapline ‘we’re all hot here’, and a business selling custom tin foil designs! Each team put forward their best final idea, and in the following sessions, were encouraged to consider their company name and board roles.
Kat and Gordon offering their thoughts on ‘customised tin foil’.

We’ll be returning on the 22nd of October, after the teams have been given some time to fully develop their idea, including a presentation detailing their product/company and potentially a website and social media presence. We’re excited to see the final results; keep thinking big!