Guest Blog – Josh Charters, Debbie Abrahams ‘Working for Your Community’

Hey guys, sorry to interrupt the usual business of the blog. I’m Josh, and I’m here to give you a bit of an insight into my short time on placement here, as part of a summer school run by the MP for Oldham East and Saddleworth, Debbie Abrahams. An aspect of the summer school was learning how to run an effective campaign, and my time here has been spent organising and running some great in-house events putting what I have learnt with Debbie and her team, and the considerable amount I have learnt from Jack, who has taken me under his wing this week and promises to be back on the blog soon.

I wasn’t expecting such an employee focused company, where lots of time is invested not just in the products, but on the people who work here. As someone who has worked in an office before, I was amazed at how tranquil the office is, with everyone being so friendly and willing to help you out where they can, as I was half expecting to be forced onto brew duty for the week I’ve been here! Instead I’ve found myself organising internal events and creating some fun marketing ideas independently.

A bit of background on me – I’m 18, and tentatively waiting for my A Level results before (hopefully!) reading Politics at The University of Manchester. Working with Jack, the company’s PR Assistant, has really opened my eyes to how varied public relations is, from working with an external focus – advertising, linking with the community, running corporate social media accounts, to internally-focused events, fun days, or sporting events such as our Cup and this week’s games which, luckily for some of us, were as sedentary as possible!

Our Commonwealth Games were held in the Board Room Stadium in support of Kingfisher Special School, (who you may remember as the reason for Fodders’ unfortunate turn in a pink onesie), to help the school as part of my own fundraising for the ‘Working for Your Community’ summer school.

Fodders was the champ on Day 1, expertly scoring a birdie on our par 4 straw crazy golf course.

Day 2 saw the introduction of Haggis Bowling (not real haggis, just a stress ball), and the competition was won by Kris, scoring an impressive 14, with Tim the unlucky one at the bottom of the leader board, with a pitiful 2.

Day 3 gave us our most intriguing event yet – the Caber Toss, where Mark Owen was victorious, and Jack managed to break our caber.

The fourth and final event was Thursday’s Paper Airplane Javelin. Several weird and wonderful designs were put forth, but by far the most formidable was Naomi’s Awesomenator 2.0. Naomi’s throw with the aircraft topped the leaderboard for most of the day until she was beat at the last minute by an effort from PM Tim Rix.

Though we had a lot of fun, most importantly, we raised money for a very deserving cause. It’s not all been fun and games however, as much as it felt like it – organising internal events is hard work! I wish I could have stayed for more than a week, but as they say, time flies when you’re having fun. So this is me signing off, and the blog will soon return to ‘normal programming’… see what I did there..?