Court in the act: co-ed Webbie netball!

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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Last night we blew off the cobwebs and took part in the first Webbie netball match for a while. Initially taking the form of a boys vs. girls match, the teams were soon combined to balance out the competition!

The Webbie ladies’ team has had some major personnel changes since their last time out, welcoming three new players into their side: Lora, Emilie, and Casey, alongside veterans Faiza, Viv, Naomi and Nikki. The completely new Webbie men’s side included Myself, Craig D., Craig F., Ryszard, Mark, Kris and Tim. We rocked up to The Oldham Sport for All Centre, next door to New Bridge School, and were put through our paces in a challenging warm-up by our special guest: ex-Webbie Michelle!

We split into our respective teams and the boys, for the most part, tried to come to terms with the rules and the game’s intricate positional play. With the help of Michelle, we slowly got there. The girls, meanwhile, were confidently running through a number of passing and shooting drills. The girls didn’t make it easy for us, controlling the game with intuitive passing and patient build-ups. We didn’t fancy our chances, until we had the sudden collective realisation that Developer Ryszard was a secret netball genuis. Craig F. and Ryszard somehow managed to put 7 in the opposition nets before we changed up the teams to achieve a balance.

Officiated by some of our spectating colleagues, which saw Brodie doing a shift as umpire and Dan H. working the scoreboard, the sound of the klaxon announcing the break was a relief!

IMG_20140731_184750 WP_20140731_004

Can anyone spot the grudge match?!

IMG_20140731_184726 IMG_20140731_185018

Special thanks are in order to Emilie, who arranged the night and provided water and fresh fruit for our breaks, and the non-players who came down to cheer on their colleagues. It looks like yet another extra-curricular event has arrived!