Webbie Graduation Day

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, the chances are that you’re familiar with our approach to the development of our employees. When you work in IT, change is a constant theme, and being committed to learning new things is the only way to embrace it. As a Webbie, you find that you’re always being shown a way to get better at what you do; be it attending an industry-specific conference or event, or even taking part in a course to achieve a professional qualification.

Last week, we celebrated as five of our employees: James, Nikki, Dalli, Brodie and Emilie graduated from university. Having paid three of them throughout their final year, it felt especially satisfying to see them attaining the degrees they worked so hard to achieve.

Of course, a Web Apps celebration without cake makes absolutely no sense – thankfully, our talented team of Webbie bakers were on hand to provide! At lunchtime, we ordered in a Nandos chicken feast to round off what can be chalked down as a fairly fat day.


It always gives us a warm fuzzy feeling seeing Webbies doing well! Congrats guys.