Brazil 2014 - A Month of Webbie Antics

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

So, it’s over for another 4 years. It alarms me a little to think I’ll be 26 when Russia 2018 goes down (this will be met by collective groans by most of my co-workers reading this, I imagine). Over the past month we’ve had a myriad of fun activities to celebrate the tournament.

Webbie Cup: Firstly there was the Webbie Cup, an intensely competitive evening of football. Everyone involved had an excellent, if slightly rough time, with many players since asking when the next one is planned for. The tournament had everything: There was anticipation, tension, jubilation and disappointment. There were outrageous goals, hilarious dives, inch-perfect passes and feats of goalkeeping bravery.


Foosball Tournament: We’ve had the Foosball Tournament, initially only an 8 person tournament until interest doubled after the new intake of IPs. As a result, I had to expand the tournament tree. We’re still only halfway through, but competition is heating up!


Sweepstake: After picking teams at random out of a hat – well, a plastic wallet if you must know – we set a number of prize conditions for a World Cup sweepstake. The overall winner was Naomi (Germany), bagging herself £35 prize money, but there were four other prizes up for grabs:

Runner up: Kat Fielding (Argentina) £17
Fastest conceding goal: Nick Fowler (Ghana – conceded within 30 secs vs USA) £4
First red card of the tournament: Chris Sweeney (Maxi Pereira, Uruguay vs Costa Rica) £4
Worst group stage goal difference: Stephen Lees (Cameroon, -8) £4

FIFA Tournament: Loath to go into great detail after my own poor performance in the second round, I will merely say that we discovered some ‘faults’ in the defensive gameplay of the Brazil 2014 official game!

Next up – Commonwealth Games. Can anyone smell a Webbie Sports Day in the making?