Think Big School - Round Two!

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

As keen supporters of O2’s Think Big campaign, last Friday we teamed up again with Jonathan Beckett and around 15 other volunteers from various companies including O2 and Pixel Tree Media and headed to Droyslden Academy. We were excited to finish off the Academy’s Year 10 enrichment week with a Think Big School event, a great day focused on business skills and giving the students an opportunity to bring their business ideas to life.

124 students were split into 5 groups, then teams of 4 or 5 were created in order to gather ideas for a business using technology. Most of the groups chose to design apps or websites, ranging from online game guides and forums, to fan-fiction libraries and celebrity social media apps.


They were encouraged to think about all aspects of their business ideas, from the actual apps and their functions, to how they would fund the design, marketing and set pricing and availability. In addition they assigned themselves roles within the business such as Managing Director, Finance Director and Marketing Director so that each aspect of the business was covered. We got a lot done in 4 hours! Some of the ideas were really great, and as the teams presented to their break-out groups it was clear that the students had really grasped the task and thought about what kind of technology they would use, and made the most of their knowledge of their target audiences which were mostly their own age. They used their own passions and interests to spark the original idea and expanded this into a rounded business plan thinking of all the necessary elements in order to take their businesses to market.


A winner was chosen from each break-out group, except for one which had two business pitches that were both so good the volunteers couldn’t decide a winner so put both teams through to the big final!

In front of a specially selected ‘Dragon’s Den’ judging panel of volunteers including our own Ian Munro, the students presented their ideas to the whole group in the school’s impressive main atrium. Ian and the other ‘dragons’ gave feedback on each pitch and then conferred to ascertain the winner. In the end the two stand-out finalists were ‘Fan-Attic’ who had created an app to consolidate all of a celebrity or band or similar figure’s social media activity into one app for ease of the super-fan, and ‘Celebrity Tracker’, an app that uses smartphone GPS functions to alert fans when their favourite celebrities are in close range, enabling them to increase the chance of meeting. The panel were torn but the tracking app won through on sheer boldness of idea. A great day was had by all and we hope we inspired the students to consider opportunities in business for their future careers.


Thanks O2, we’re looking forward to the next one!