Marcus Marks, Work Experience student - Guest blog!

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.

Hey, my names Marcus. I’m in year 10 and doing my work experience here at Web Applications, joining the Technical Support team.

About myself: I love PC gaming – it’s probably my favourite way to pass time. I built my own custom gaming PC and configured it my way. I’m super active and play basketball for Oldham. I’m also interested in video editing and graphic design.

I wasn’t expecting my role in Web Apps to be what it has been. I was expecting to be involved in simple stuff, such as setting up new PCs and work stations. Instead I’ve been involved in carrying out weekly health and safety checks, in the two buildings Web Applications own. Tracing cables from the servers around the site and relaying the information to a graphic designer to create a diagram, to help resolve future problems faster overall for better customer satisfaction.

I must say that having the freedom to just take breaks when you want, and the free cans and tea and coffee and cereal made it quite a lot better then school life! Being trusted to roam the building, make your own decisions and even doing some admin work has all been a blast.

I must add, while working alongside Kenny, I’ve come to realise that when he’s not to sure how to resolve a problem he just frantically clicks around the sceen, opening and closing pages not even leaving enough time to read… Well er, maybe he’s really quick at reading? I wasn’t the first person to say this either!