Webbie Cup 2014 - Tournament round-up

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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Sports are a large part of the social scene here at Web Apps – the Webbies have a wide range of sports clubs, including football, badminton. squash and pool. We’ve also got cricketers, distance runners and golfers. As you’d expect, we’re making quite a big deal out of the World Cup commencing this month. We’ve already arranged a sweepstake, and foosball and FIFA tournaments are coming soon. By far the most exciting activity so far was the special edition of Webbie Monday night football – The Webbie Cup 2014!

The atmosphere in the office was competitive on the day, with clandestine team meetings taking place and trash-talking IMs being sent.


The tournament saw four departmental teams compete over one night, firstly in a league, until everyone had been around once, at which point the top two teams faced off in a final. An introduction to the squads and their stories:

The Devs: Chris Sweeney (captain), Muhammad, Sean, David, and Jijo. As a team they relied on individual flair with an attacking mentality, which led to them having easily the highest scoring games. Not defensively a powerful force, the Devs’ best hope of defence was to score more than their opponents. Though they ended up bottom of the league, they were gracious in defeat and earned themselves a Fair Play award. Intuitive runs and skill, particularly from Sean and David, were unfortunately not enough this time, but you can’t afford to write them off for WC 2015!

Sean McCann outwits four defenders like it ain’t no thing.

NBA FC put the Devs to the sword during an 11 goal game – nearly a goal a minute!

Neverbeen Athletic FC (PMs/Apprentices): Fahim (captain), Jack Lord, Ste, Haydn and Tim. Hard-working and hard-tackling, NBA FC gave their opponents a tough time by parking the bus and retaining possession. Apprentice Haydn gave a great showing in net, maintaining the best goal difference on the night, and even a succession of injuries couldn’t dishearten the team. NBA shrugged off the eventual winners Systematic in the group stage, and lost out narrowly in the final, picking up two of the WC awards – Man of the Tournament for the stoic Tim Rix, and the St. Johns Ambulance award for finisher Ste, who nearly beat Systematic’s Jack S. to the Golden Boot despite carrying a handful of injuries.

Tim about to dispossess Jack

Systematic Failure (Marketing/Systems): Dale (captain), Kenny, Safder, Kris and Jack Simpson. Though supposedly a team comprised solely of Systems and Marketing, injuries forced Systematic to draft in a couple of late ringers in the form of Saf and Kris. Systematic took the Webbie Cup home, though not comfortably, chased all the way by NBA and nearly beaten to the final by a tenacious team of Directors. Solid attacking communication was the foundation of their success, with pacy options on either wing- that and impressive endurance in the sticks by Kris, who picked up the Golden Gloves award for his exhibition. Special mentions are deserved for Safder and Dale – Saf’s impassibility and Dale’s role as the engine of the team were instrumental to the win.

Attacking communication was the key to victory for Systematic.

Team captain Dale literally left a mark on NBA with some of his powerful shots!

No Direction (Directors/Dept. Heads): Craig Kennedy (captain), Nick, Craig Dean, Shaun and Jeff. Galvanised by a nervous 3-0 defeat to an up-for-it PMs/Apprentices team, No Direction sprung into life in their second game, smashing 7 past a bemused Devs team. Intelligent distribution from the back was their secret: veteran goalkeeper Craig D. made it look easy by throwing a few assists into the path of a goal-hungry Nick, whose tenacity saw him pick up 4 goals. They gave Systematic significant cause to worry in the last group game, which would have seen either winner through the final, driven by an agile Craig Kennedy. Thoughtful forward positioning from Jeff might have seen No Direction go a little further – though he couldn’t find his shooting boots on this occasion, despite repeatedly finding himself clear on goal with relative ease.


CE Craig Dean splits his opposition with insightful passing.

Financial Director Craig K. zigzags through the reds’ defence.

Systematic’s victory came under spooky conditions. The last Webbie football tournament was also won by a systems team, who were also captained by a Dale, who also played in blue, who Safder also played for. You could say it was a fateful victory.

Final results and standings:

Neverbeen Athletic FC 3–0 No Direction

Devs 4-7 Systematic Failure

Systematic Failure 3–4 Neverbeen Athletic FC

Devs 4-7 No Direction

Devs 3-8 Neverbeen Athletic FC

Systematic Failure 3-1 No Direction





Neverbeen Ath










No Direction










Webbie Cup 2014 – Final
Neverbeen Athletic FC 3-4 Systematic Failure

The event was great fun, and many Webbies have since stressed a desire to make the Webbie Cup a more frequent event. Special thanks go to Kat for taking photos on the night. Watch this space for more Webbie World Cup antics!