Fundraising for Kingfisher

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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So a Webbie wearing a pink onesie walks backwards into a bar…


There’s never a long wait at Windsor Works for a fun day, and this time it was in aid of Kingfisher Special School. Largely organised by Support Admin Kat, familiar with the school by way of her partner, who is a teacher there, the event was a successful fundraiser. Ever vigilant in our search for an excuse for cake, we of course arranged a bake sale and also a guaranteed-prize raffle, besides an optional £2 donation for non-uniform (I won a box of UNO cards and a spinning top. Not bad).


The main source of mayhem on Kingfisher Day was Kat’s magnet fishing ‘lucky’ dip, which actually ended up being more unlucky for most Webbies. Most of the fish caught were unfortunately office-related forfeits, some of the harshest punishments being dished out to Jeff, who had to funk-dance to his next destination every time he left his desk, and Apprentice Ryan, who was  given the challenge of starting a spontaneous group rendition of ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight.’ Probably the Webbie who suffered the cruelest fate was Craig ‘Fodders’ Foden, who won a pink onesie in the raffle and was forced to don it for the rest of the day, as well as receiving the painful forfeit of having to walk backwards everywhere he went. It was all for a good cause!




Ste Lees pulls out his forfeit – ‘rap all your emails out loud’

DSC_1819 DSC_1820

In the end, we raised around £150.00 for Kingfisher, a school who do incredibly important work, and had fun while doing it. Well, probably not Fodders.