Markedly superior: Mark promoted!

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

I know it was you, Fredo.

For the last five years (give or take), Mark Owen has been a constant presence here at Web Apps. Though he first came to us on a temporary basis, as an Industrial Placement student, Mark impressed with his committed and confident approach to his work. Before the year was over, he was asked to return as a full-time Software Engineer, and he hasn’t looked back since. His dedication to his job has paid off, with his promotion to Senior Engineer having been announced earlier this month.

A few short years later, he’s known around the office as something of an all-round problem solver. Earning himself the ‘Sherlock Holmes’ award in the last batch of Webbie awards, Mark has become the man who always has an answer; though he modestly claims it’s merely the result of having been here a long time.


Outside of work, he’s got a reputation as someone always eager to participate in work-related events. A bit of a dark horse, Mark allocates a significant portion of his going-out budget for buying Jäger-bombs, and just late last month, he was spotted floating around a staff night out sporting a masquerade mask he had seemingly acquired from nowhere. When I asked him his favourite moment as a Webbie, he couldn’t give me an answer. He’s enjoyed every minute of his time here.

Does he have any specific future goals, in light of his promotion? Mark said he’s just happy to be where he is, and all he wants to do is keep getting better. He’s in the right place!