Webbies have a wine old time!

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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Last Friday we Webbies were very cultured and invited Claire from a local wine import company Jean Juviniere Ltd over to our Windsor Works office for a wine-tasting evening.


We coincided the event with our regular Board Game Club, so all indulged in copious amounts of pizza before we turned our pool table into a wine table littered with our tasting notes sheets. Claire brought with her 5 white wines, 5 red wines, a port and a very lovely cognac for us to try. Going through each bottle in order she explained where each came from, it’s properties and how we could enhance our experience by tasting properly. Her passion and knowledge for the wines were seemingly endless, and from the fondness with which she described their sources it was clear the family-run company had great relationships with its suppliers. The wines were beautiful, each one totally different and catered for every taste. We each made notes on the tastes we experienced, importantly as we were given the opportunity to make some orders afterwards!


As a gift to Craig our Chief Executive to say thank-you for inviting her, Claire kindly had a bottle branded with the Web Applications logo in a personalised branded box which she brought with her. The company specialise in these gifts, and can brand a white or a red wine with a design of the customers choice as a corporate gift, or a personal gift for friends or family to mark special occasions.

Take a look at their website (also linked above) to see the wide variety of produce they import and sell, they certainly gained our (slightly tipsy) stamp of approval!