Egg related carnage - Easter 2014

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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Ahoy. I’m Jack, the new PR Assistant at Web Apps, and you’re reading my first blog post. Don’t get too excited, please.

With Easter being upon us this week, Webbies have been competing fiercely for the chance to win prizes and bragging rights in the office. The traditional egg hunt was of course a part of the festivities, as well as an egg-themed Russian roulette tournament.

The time-trial egg hunt was a controversial affair from the start, which saw a fiercely appealed DNF ruling as Software Engineers Dave and Ben’s risky tactic to split up and use phone communication backfired. The lads missed several checkpoints as well as muddling the order up, and despite posting the fastest time outright, referee Faiza had to disqualify the team. The final standings were close, but going solo turned out to be the winning tactic, as Project Manager Tim Rix took home the coveted Easter Egg. Team Chocolate Covered Warriors (Or Safder and Ian) will feel a little disappointed to have finished only 27 seconds away from coming 2nd place.

DSC_1472 DSC_1473
Close and personal – team NaTi’s tactics were to move fast and look really really closely.



After rifling through the contents of every kitchen area, Chocolate Covered Warriors finally found their clue.

Final times and standings
1st place: NaTi (Tim Rix) – 07:54:86
2nd place: TTT Trio (Mark, Sean, Fodders) – 09:22:26
3rd place: Chocolate Covered Warriors (Safder and Ian) – 09:48:00
4th place: McLewisLovinQueen (Ben and Dave) – disqualified

Armeggedon 2014. 45 eggs, 8 warriors, 1 Ultimate Champion. Apprehensive Webbies donned their ponchos at my behest, and went head-to-head for the title of Ultimate Champion. The rules were simple – a game of rock, paper scissors to determine who goes first, and then an egg-themed game of Russian roulette. The players took turns choosing from a selection of hard-boiled and raw eggs to smash over their heads. The loser was the first player to find a raw egg. Someone pointed out it was hardly fair of me to abstain from competing, so I too got stuck in.

DSC_1536 DSC_1533
Tim’s luck wasn’t with him this time.


Must be yolking – Shaun bravely takes an egg to the forehead.


The eventual winner was crowned after a tense final, and Software Engineer Sean McCann beat Head of Technical Development Shaun Austin in the battle of the Shauns.

All in all, we had a fairly eventful Easter. Now to wash the egg yolk out of my hair before it sets, and I should probably find something to do with the leftover eggs…