Computing in the Classroom - A roaring success!

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

In preparation for the new Computing curriculum coming into place September 2014, primary and secondary school teachers across the country have been scrubbing up on their Computer Science. Passionate about the future of the technology industry, we are fully behind these changes which we believe are a step in the right direction. To show our support, we invited local schools in for four training and collaboration sessions covering different aspects of the new curriculum and beyond.

Thirty teachers and IT coordinators from schools across Greater Manchester bagged their places on what turned out to be a fantastic series of workshops. The curriculum is broad and open to interpretation, so we delved deep to determine what we can teach children from Key Stage 1 upwards to prepare them for this increasingly digital age.

Computing in the classroom


The first session covered gamification of the curriculum. Using computer games across different subjects to increase depth of understanding and familiarity with computing in a range of situations. We moved on to look at some of the fantastic resources for learning to code while playing or creating games.

Building the web was explored in the second session. We discussed the need to see a fundamental change to take our children from passive users of the web to active creators. Away from coding, this could be as simple as using Content Management Systems to publish content on a website. This can be a great introduction to HTML, which leads nicely onto CSS. From there, the older children could look at JavaScript and other web technologies.

Tools and tips for introducing children to the fundamental concepts of writing code were demonstrated in the ‘Principles of Programming’ session. It got a little technical during this week, discussing binary, logic and algorithms. The teachers took to it without a problem and were very enthusiastic about some of the teaching methods that could be used.

The final session covered IT security and keeping children safe online, both in and out of school. Taking form as more of a discussion than previous sessions, we covered how to empower children to keep themselves safe rather than just blocking certain sites for their protection. The importance of keeping your online identity secure was also looked at in detail.

We’ve had some brilliant feedback from all the attendees and we look forward to doing more work with local schools in the future. Nurturing computing skills in the next generation is important to us all, and we believe these teachers will do a brilliant job of introducing the new Computing curriculum in September.

Good luck, everyone!