Phew, That's a (Sport) Relief!

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

It’s been a while since we flexed our charitable muscles, so we went all out for Sport Relief last week. Hosting a sweepstake, cycling competition, bake sale and non-uniform day, we dug deep both physically and financially.

Some Webbies came dressed as rugby players, footballers and martial artists. For others, it was a really good excuse to come to work wearing comfy tracksuit bottoms. Clever!

The Quickest Mile Cycling Competition divided all Webbies into four teams – Admin, Marketing and Directors formed No Direction, Project Managers and our TR5 team joined up as Team PMT, Developers named themselves Team.cs and The A-pprentice Team assembled.


Fuelled by Viv and Naomi’s delicious sporty cupcakes, twenty five Webbies signed up to the challenge. They were put through their paces, cycling one mile as fast as possible on Davina, our exercise bike built for champions. Some were good, some were great, and others were…tired. After the 2 minute mark, the ache kicked in and it was hard to push through. Luckily, we all had a lot of moral support from teammates. With some regular cyclists and lots of youngsters, Team.cs took the lead early. The fastest individual was Industrial Placement student, Sean McCann, who held a fast pace from the start and finished at 02:26!


The average time of each team were taken to declare the winners:

Team.cs – 02:37

The A-pprentice Team – 2:53

Team PMT – 2:56

No Direction – 3:04

Huge congratulations to all our Software Engineers who formed Team.cs, the fittest developers around!

Altogether, we raised over £160 to add to the whopping £53,370,743 raised by Sport relief so far!