The Webbies are coming...

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

With just over a month to go, excitement is brewing and bubbling in the office. Why’s that? Because soon, the Webbies will descend upon Alton Towers!

We’ve organised a successful trip there before – around two and a half years ago, we invaded the famous theme park, having a blast in the process, and apparently they’re quite happy for us to go back. Those of us going have circled, underlined and highlighted April 26th in our calendars as we finally work out just how many of us are going.

From our last trip – Shaun puts on a brave face for Nemesis

From our last trip – Shaun puts on a brave face for Nemesis

So far it looks like Kathryn has succeeded in persuading around 40 of us to sign up for this trip – Web Apps is paying for both transport and tickets, so it hasn’t been that hard of a job! The directors have plenty of excellent ideas for keeping everyone’s spirits up, and events like this really help to bring the team together whilst having a simply amazing time.

Hopefully everyone will survive the gravity-defying rides, including the dizzying new Smiler, which only opened last year, and just maybe the wasps will take the day off and leave every ice-cream and soft drink well alone. Or perhaps that’s just wishful thinking. Either way, we’re all looking forward to a fantastic day!