Tameside Thinks Big, Do You?

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.

Think Big School Tameside came to a close on Friday afternoon after a fantastic event filled with inspiring, enthusiastic and confident young people with some seriously brilliant ideas.


For the youngsters, the event was split across two different days – one in their respective schools and one at Tameside College. We were there with the O2 team every step of the way, visiting Fairfield High School, New Charter Academy, Drolysden Academy and Astley Sports College & Community High School.

During the first day, the students were introduced to the initiative, split into teams and asked to think of app-based business ideas. Workshops were provided to get them started on AppShed and WordPress as well as explain social media marketing and the various roles and skills needed in business.


On Friday, all schools came together at Tameside College to finish off their projects and develop their presentations. By then they all had a functioning app, a WordPress site, a Twitter accounts and a Facebook page. Our team was on hand to share our skills and answer any technical questions. Building up their presentations, teams practiced their public speaking before it was time for the competition.


Teams were split into four clusters for the first heat of the competition. The winner of each cluster would go through to the final and present to 120 of their fellow students, the O2 Think Big team, their teachers and ourselves. A panel of Dragons were assembled, including our very own Gordon Pearce.


The first finalist was the winner from our cluster, Bizool, a team from Fairfield High School. It was a personal shopping app which tailors clothing recommendations to you based on numerous factors. Their website, app and social media sites were functional and visually appealing. But, crucially, their presentation and public speaking skills were also fantastic.


World Wide Talents was the second finalist. They developed a social app for sharing videos of your talents. Displaying incredible confidence, the team put together and performed a sketch to illustrate the uses of their app.


Next up was Seagull Swapshop, an app to connect people around the world to swap products that perhaps aren’t available locally. The idea is to match people up with others who have similar interests and have them swap items based on their preferences after getting to know them.


Keep Me Safe was last but certainly not least. This group of youngsters came up with the idea to fit GPS tracking devices into fashionable bracelets for parents to track their children on an app. They can set boundaries and receive notifications when they are breached.


After much deliberation, the Dragons announced the winner… Keep Me Safe! It was their enthusiasm and drive to expand into other areas, including pet collars and personalised bracelets similar to the ‘build-a-bear’ concept, which set them apart from the rest. Their prize was tickets to Key 103’s Summer Live 2014 concert!


Huge congratulations to them and all the students involved for their brilliant work. We hope to see the digital skills they have gained taken forward and developed further. It was a fantastic event and we look forward to being involved in the next one very soon!