Having a ball with Oldham’s Mayor

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

I know it was you, Fredo.

Every year, the current Mayor of Oldham throws a huge party in order to celebrate the town’s successes and raise lots of money for the mayoral charities. This year was no exception, as 560 lucky people were wined and dined at the Queen Elizabeth Hall last Friday. As sponsors, we were also in attendance for what made a brilliant evening.


Councillor John Hudson, Mayor of Oldham gave a fantastic speech about putting politics aside to do what’s best for the people of our great town. He spoke of his chosen charities: The Terence O’Grady Social Club, which provides social and leisure activities for people with learning disabilities. The Christie at Oldham, local manifestation of one of the leading cancer research and treatment centres. And the Oldham Music Centre, committed to supporting and fulfilling the musical aspirations of all young people in Oldham.

Leader of Oldham Council, Jim McMahon was given a special mention for his fantastic achievements over recent years. Just a few weeks ago, he was named Council Leader of the Year across the whole country! He continues to pioneer schemes to not only restore Oldham’s former industrial glory, but to secure a brighter future for us all.


Martyn Torr, Business Editor of the Oldham Chronicle was our charming host for the evening. He incited generosity in everyone with a charity auction and raffle. With an accidental raise of the hand, Gordon almost bid an obscene amount of money on a signed football shirt, but only one thing really caught our eye. We had visions of a gigantic teddy bear taking pride of place in the Web Apps office but it wasn’t meant to be. Unfortunately we were outbid on Big Ted as his super cute face stirred up unparalleled competitive generosity.

Entertainment was provided by a superb brass band with a Sinatra-esque singer, followed by a marvellous Queen tribute act. The party went on ‘til late and rumour has it that several Webbies were spotted in Oldham’s premier nightclub, Envy!