Computing in the Classroom

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

Nurturing computing skills in the next generation is important to us all. Not only will it help the UK’s technology industry and economy grow, but improve employment rates of our young people too. Coding is becoming an essential skill in this increasingly digital age, so we need our children to be as proficient in creating technology as they are at using it.

With the new Computing curriculum coming into place September this year, the government is clearly encouraging schools to adopt a new approach to IT in the classroom. But what this new approach should be is not entirely clear. This leaves a lot of scope for businesses to work together with schools in order to ensure the best possible outcome for our young people.

We’re passionate about giving back to our community and doing our best by the fantastic young people within our town. Our free Code Clubs at Laticzone and various Oldham schools are already reaching out to children and igniting an interest in Computer Science.

Starting 4th March, we will be hosting four free 1.5 hour sessions for IT Teachers and Co-ordinators on Tuesdays at 4pm. Each session will cover a valuable topic, from programming to safety online. As well as sharing our experience, we want to work together to propagate existing good practice and find innovative solutions to bring Computing to life in the classroom.

This week we sent out leaflets to all local schools with an invitation to join us, which you can see below. There has already been a considerable amount of interest in this free program and we want to ensure everyone gets the opportunity to attend. To secure your place, please register by contacting or 0161 660 0730 before Friday 14th February.