Webbies Get Physical

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

The list of benefits to being a Webbie is practically endless, and we’re adding one more. Along with the financial stuff like our profit share scheme, there’s also extensive training, flexi-start, access to LoveFilm and, personal favourite, free cans of soft drink. Now, Web Applications UK is offering all employees a free membership with Oldham Community Leisure.


OCL is a chain of local leisure facilities including gyms, swimming pools and sports centres. Our premium memberships allow us full access to all provisions and we even get a nifty bag and towel too! As the New Year’s resolution gym goers start to fizzle out, there’s about to be a Webbie boom in local gyms. And not a temporary one either – with late starts and longer lunches available, we have zero excuses.


Image “Chadderton Library and Wellbeing Centre” by Oldham Libraries is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Coupled with the cereal dispensers that have appeared in the kitchen, we’re on a real health kick for 2014. Eat right, exercise often. Apart from a slice of cake or two, for charity of course. And maybe the occasional pizza for movie night or board game club…