Ben is Mario Kart Champion 2014

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

For almost three weeks we’ve been racing around shooting shells, collecting mushrooms and avoiding bananas. We haven’t gone completely crazy though, we’ve been battling it out in our Mario Kart tournament. When it began there were sixteen of us, but after a fast paced knockout tournament, there’s only one winner.


After some of the tensest, most competitive Mario Kart races we’ve ever seen, Software Engineer Ben finally came out on top. Apprentice Elliot gave him a good run for his money though. He was way ahead on points but fell at the final hurdle as they faced tracks like the infamous Rainbow Road.


As the proud victor, Ben is now the reigning tournament champion with the trophy displayed gloriously on his desk. Not for long though, a new tournament is always on the horizon. But what next, foosball anyone?