Next Stop, Financial Times

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

I know it was you, Fredo.

You may have noticed that Web Applications UK is in the media quite often. We love to get involved; be that with our local community or wider industry. But it still excites us when we feature in a news publication – particularly if it’s an international newspaper such as The Financial Times.

Last week, our Chief Executive, Craig Dean had the pleasure of just that. Speaking in his role of Oldham President of the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, Craig was quoted in an article titled “Manchester tram system comes of age after 21 years”.


Some in Oldham grumble that the line is taking business away from its town centre, but Craig Dean, president of the local chamber of commerce and chief executive of Web Applications UK, a software business, disagrees.

“It is now a lot better for businesses to be based in Oldham than Manchester, with cheaper rents and access for workers. And people living in Oldham who work in Manchester will still spend in Oldham.”

The Metrolink has, in fact, been a huge help to us at Web Applications UK. It’s now much easier to get to and from Manchester. Many Webbies live in the city centre or pass through it to get to work. So with the Oldham Mumps station sitting just across the road from our office, we couldn’t be happier.