Webbie Awards 2013

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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As part of our fantastic Christmas party, the Webbie Award Ceremony 2013 took place on Friday 13th December. Adhering to a six year long tradition, the categories were a mixture of humorous and serious. Keeping the annual Directors’ Choice and Pride of Web Apps Award, all the rest were new, including the introduction of another yearly award going forward – The Alan Turing Award.

Awards were presented, along with their associated novelty prize, by fellow Webbies and the ceremony was hosted by none other than our Chief Executive, Craig Dean. By now I’m sure you’re just dying to know the winners, so I’ll get on with it…

The Mary Poppins Award – For the most helpful person in the office
Andy Foster

The Cheshire Cat Award – For the person who is always smiling
Paul Astbury-Thomas

The Sherlock Holmes Award – For the person who can solve any problem
Mark Owen

The CDO Award – For the person with the worst OCD
Gordon Pearce

The Ants In Your Pants Award – For the person/people who can never sit still
The Apprentices

The Goonies Award – For the best team player
Craig Foden


The Hermit Award – For the person who never leaves the office
Giles Smart

The Alan Turing Award – Developer of the year
Jon Hall


The Pride of Web Apps Award – Employee of the year, as chosen by fellow employees
Jeff Ng

Director’s Choice – For the person who has made a special contribution to their team, as recognised by the directors
Natalie Bailey


It’s always great to celebrate the achievements of the Webbies we’re so proud of, not just the winners of these specific awards but everyone. All Webbies contribute towards making Web Applications UK such an incredible place to work. Into the New Year we’ll be recognising accomplishments in the weekly company update so we can feel the love all year round.

Until next time, Webbie Awards!