Lee & Dale Take The Title

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

I know it was you, Fredo.

 After a recent office shuffle, we’ve made room for some welcome additions to our home at Windsor Works. With more people making use of our phase 2 office space, we now have what we like to call our Chill Zone.

Along with a foosball table, MAME cabinet and beanbags, we have a pool table. It quickly became clear that we have some pretty skilled pool players, as well as some who have a habit of getting lucky with fluke shots. To settle the argument, once and for all, a doubles tournament was in order.


The first obstacle of choosing a partner soon got underway. Eventually we had sixteen teams raring to go in the knockout tournament. Naturally myself and Graphic Designer, Richard were knocked out in the first round. But at least we were honest with our team name – Got 99 Skills But Pool Ain’t One.


In the second round we had some heavy clashes, resulting in some of the best teams being knocked out. Left standing in the semi-finals were David & Craig F, Project Spitz (Fahim & Tim), #YOLO #SWAG (Ben & Mark) and Lee & Dale. A few incredible shots, plenty of tense moments and some fighting talk later, Fahim & Tim and Lee & Dale were headed to the final.


Looking like true professionals with their own cue, Fahim and Tim were feeling confident. But in the end it was Lee’s careful calculations of force and angles, along with Dale’s disciplined strength and skill which won the tournament. For their epic victory, they received the coveted tournament trophy with a plaque bearing their names. They’ll have to get practising if they want to hold onto it though, who’s up for a foosball tournament?