Pyjama Party for Pudsey

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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Yesterday, BBC’s Children in Need campaign raised a record-breaking £31million. And that’s before our contributions too! We baked, ate cake, wore pyjamas and had a Guess the Baby competition, all in the name of charity.


We escaped from our trademark black shirts, having a non-uniform day to raise lots of money. Donning our pyjamas for the cause, we had onesies galore around the office. Unicorns, tigers and hippos, oh my!


The talented bakers amongst us did Pudsey proud with some delicious and stunning creations. Naomi’s selection of treats were to die for, Kris’ chocolate brownies were divine and, as ever, Viv amazed us all with her Pudsey Bear cake. It’s safe to say that our Friday got off to a great start.


Our afternoon was brightened by a Guess the Baby competition. After all the initial ‘aww so cute’ comments, it got quite competitive. Everyone wanted to be the winner, determined to guess the most babies correctly. Along with fifteen baby Webbies, a few celebrity baby photos were thrown in to up the ante.


In the end, the winner was Sean McCann who stormed into victory with an impressive 18 out of 19. The answers were revealed on Facebook, for anyone who wants to see how seriously adorable we all were. What happened?!