Moustaches Are Go!

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

Everyone knows that the moustache is a symbol of epic masculinity. Or creepiness, depending on the ‘tache. We have been taking part in Movember, and raising money for men’s health charities as we go, for four years now. Our manliest Webbies grow fiendish hairy friends on their upper lips and last year, Dalli showed us girls how it’s done.

This year we have 10 Mo Bros taking on the challenge of growing a ‘tache to remember. Some of them were shy at first, so I signed up to wearing a fake moustache every working day to support them. It seemed like a good idea at the time. So, without further ado, meet the Mo Bros (and Sista) of this year’s Team Webbies:

Craig F: On a mission to become a real Mo Bro.


Andy F: Taking care of moustache business.


Ian: The face of Web Apps changing the face of men’s health.


Gordon: Getting stubbly already.


Craig R: As smooth as they come.


Alan: Putting some serious thought into which style to aim for.


Paul: Only a moustache could improve this photo.


Lee: Too busy growing his moustache to pose for a photo, I’ll get him eventually…

Jack: Representing our apprentices.


Sean: Doing it for all those who cannot grow a proper moustache.


Natalie: Taking one for the female Webbie team.


Each week I’ll be posting updates of how the moustaches are getting along. Please donate what you can to the Movember charities here. At the end of all our hard work we’ll be holding a Mo Party and awarding prizes. Until then, let’s mo’!