Hack Manchester 2013 - We Code in Peace

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

This weekend has been one to remember with the return of Hack Manchester for 2013. As part of the Manchester Science Festival at the Museum of Science and Industry, the 24 hour coding competition attracted around 250 hackers.


Keen supporters of the technology industry and this fantastic event in particular, we were once again sponsors and challenge setters. Our challenge was to create a browser based game with a travel theme and the submissions we received were fantastic! The teams were pulling out all the stops for the great prize of £500 worth of Kickstarter pledges.

The finalists for our prize included a 2D travelator game and a Sims-esque game involving plane passengers. But the winner was team Click Innovate with their game Appsassin, a social Google Maps integration with the tagline ‘Travel the world. Meet new people. Kill them.’ Murderous implications aside, the game allows you to locate targets (fellow players) via smartphone GPS, identify them with their uploaded image and ‘shoot’ them by taking a photo. A clever idea that was very well executed as seen in their submission video. When accepting their prize, Click Innovate announced they would be releasing the game as an iOS app so keep an eye out!


Not only did we set and judge a challenge but we also sent along some of our best and brightest to form a team. Team Web Apps was joined by team NotWebApps, an unofficial addition out to compete with our official team. The rivalry lasted the full 24 hours, 25 if you count the hour the clocks went back and the hackers went en masse to McDonald’s. In the end, team Web Apps had created a hackathon companion complete with IM, shared whiteboard and to do list. While team NotWebApps developed Text Roulette, an SMS service which randomly translates your message into one of around 60 language options including pirate, ermahgerd and yoda.


The prize ceremony was hosted by Gemma Cameron who handed over to comedian Bethany Black after a few of her own cheesy jokes. Some amazing projects were shown, some great prizes were given out and the night was a whole load of fun. A huge thank you goes to the organisers, volunteers and our fellow sponsors for helping to make this event happen. We can’t wait for next year already!