Pink, Glorious Pink

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.

Every year we forgo our trademark black shirts in favour of something altogether more…pink. This year was no exception; in order to raise funds for the Breast Cancer Campaign we held a Wear It Pink day on Friday.

We’ve grown wise to what makes a good charity fundraising day over the years. And there’s two things that are always winners: a non-uniform day and cake.


Our incredibly talented baker and Office Manager, Viv created a delicious pink cake and chocolate chip cookies with pink marshmallows for the occasion.


Most of us got into the spirit of things by digging out our pinkest items of clothing to wear. But a few macho fellows insisted they owned nothing pink. Never fear though, I came prepared… Ben and Craig looked dashing in pink wigs!


It was good fun as ever, and we raised money for a great cause. With Movember and Children in Need on the horizon, we’re not done being charitable yet.