Hack Manchester Challenge

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.


Web Applications UK creates, customises and supports software for the travel industry. Our flagship product Traveller is a sophisticated reservation system used by leading holiday companies across the globe.

Our Rube Goldberg Chinese Whispers Programming Challenge received a lot of attention at Hack Manchester 2012. We were so impressed with what you put together in 24 hours, we’re back as a sponsor once again.

The Challenge

This year we want to play a game. More specifically, we want to play a browser-based game with a travel theme.

We’re looking for the most entertaining and damn right addictive game you can muster. Have fun with it and create something great. The most original idea, with the best use of the travel theme and some impressive features thrown in will bag the prize…

The Prize

For staying awake for 24+ hours, coding your hearts out and creating an impressive game for us, we think you deserve a pretty incredible reward.

So this year the prize will be £500 worth of Kickstarter pledges.

We’re thinking you’ve probably already got the latest and greatest gadgets and games. So it’s time to discover the next big thing. Kickstarter is crowd funding website for creative projects. Through your pledges you will support innovative start-ups and back independent projects. In return, you get to be a part of history and get some fantastic products before anyone else.


So go forth and prepare to code, we’ll see you at Hack Manchester!