Webbies razzle-dazzled by Chicago!

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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We already have Board Game Club, Movie Night and Curry Night events in the regular Webbie calendar, but always keen to try something different and pack that calendar further, now Theatre Club begins! Taking advantage of the A Night Less Ordinary scheme – which offers discounted theatre tickets for under 26s we headed to our local producing house to see the much-acclaimed production of Chicago.


Image “Chicago” by Kevin Dooly is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Web Applications UK Centre of Excellence sponsors The Oldham Coliseum with keen theatre-goers Chief Executive Craig and Office Manager Viv regular visitors to see their productions.
On Thursday Kat, Faiza, Mark, Chryssi and Paul headed over to be razzle-dazzled by the show recently given rave reviews by The Guardian. A fabulous evening was had by all as they watched the famous story of murder and glitz with Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart unfold.

Paul said – “Great story, brilliantly put together, told by a fantastic collection of multi-talented performers. Very impressed.”

Kat was similarly pleased with the performers ability: “The ease with which all the cast sang, danced, embodied their characters and played live music with a variety of instruments was wonderful.”

Having recently been refurbished the Coliseum is an absolute joy to visit being a personal, intimate space with great views from wherever you are seated. After such a great night, we’re already looking forward to the next theatre trip! It’s No Fat Juliets next time!