Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

Excitement is building around the offices for our 13th anniversary celebrations and plans are well underway to mark the occasion in style. On Friday 13th September 2013, Web Applications UK will turn 13 years old (a superstitious coincidence I know!)

However, this will not be your ordinary Webbie celebration. Over the next three weeks, we will slowly be revealing snippets of information and clues about the event to everyone attending. These may be through posters, emails, social media, food – who knows!

Last week, save the date posters were put up around the offices containing the first piece of somewhat limited information. Speculations as to what is planned immediately begun with many analysing every aspect of the poster. People questioned the bananas at the bottom, the three dots on the other side, the crooked E, the blurry effect on the poster as you get up close amongst many other things. But are these clues? Or just red herrings… By the way, did you know that the scientific name for banana is musa sapientum which means ‘fruit of the wise men’?

13 poster

Yesterday, everyone received their next pieces of information in the form of their personalised invitation. Creating a huge buzz around the office, this invite contained the vital facts of the time, the place and oddly, a different name.


Anticipation is quickly building for the event with many theories flying around about what might be going on. But never fear Webbies, your next clue is just around the corner…or is it?