Painting the Picture of WA:UK

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

I know it was you, Fredo.

The more observant of our Webbies will have noticed this week that a painting has appeared in the main entrance. Those with an exceptionally keen eye will have realised that this painting is not new, simply moved from the stairway to its more prominent position. Any vigilant longer-serving Webbies will also know that this painting was around at the old office too. And the one before that, and the one before that…you get the picture! (Excuse the pun.)


This magnificent work of art was a gift from Co-founder, Lee’s sister back in the beginning of Web Applications UK, almost 13 years ago. It was all that was needed to decorate the original office, which was only just big enough for two desks.

Since then, the painting has been quite the point of contention. Gordon hates it, Lee says it stays. Gordon hides it in a cupboard hoping to leave it behind, Lee finds it and brings it to our current home, Windsor Works. When Craig became Chief Executive, he stepped in as a mediator – agreeing with Gordon that it’s not the prettiest of pieces, but conceding that it’s now an important part of our heritage.

More importantly though, what does everyone else think? Well, with a quick email poll, I set out to discover just that. The results proved very interesting…

14% agreed with Gordon – “It’s ugly, I hate it!”

Compared with a surprisingly large 38% who agreed with Lee – “It’s beautiful, I love it!”

But the vote winner, with 48% agreeing, was Craig – “Love it or hate it, it’s clearly a part of Web Apps history!”

Aww, what a sentimental bunch we are! Thinking about the beginning of Web Applications UK has got us even more excited about celebrating our 13th anniversary, four weeks today. The event itself remains a mystery. Fuelling the speculation that is already rife around the office, we’ll be dropping hint and clues over the next few weeks so keep an eye out for updates.

13 poster