Craig K: From Apprentice To Director

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

Craig is a popular name at Web Applications UK. Two of our industrial placement students are called Craig, our Chief Executive is named Craig and so is our Finance Director. And that’s who today’s profile is about – Craig Kennedy also known as Craig K/CK/Kenners.

Joining us in November 2011, Craig already had a few years of experience working with the business as an external accountant. Knowing our track record of business growth, success and the exciting prospects for the future, Craig couldn’t resist joining when the opportunity presented itself. Leaving behind a job he enjoyed was a risk but Craig tells me loves it here so it has paid off big time!


His role as Finance Director has evolved over time. At first, he eased himself in concentrating on preparing monthly management accounts; building on the fantastic work already done by our admin team. Now his days are more varied than…varied things. Along with the financial stuff he’s also part of the team endearingly referred to as the ‘time police’ who ensure we’re all tracking our time so efficiencies and profitability can be accurately recorded to continuously improve our processes. He reviews and negotiates contracts, keen to take a more active role with our clients. Not afraid of a bit of hard work, Craig has had a hand in many parts of the business – including a bit of plumbing when we had a leaky pipe!

All this at the tender age of 29! So where did it all begin? After deciding college and the Cisco certification he was studying towards wasn’t for him, Craig started his career in the best way possible – with an apprenticeship. Telling me he had the best training he could have asked for, Craig is clearly more than excited about our own apprenticeship scheme!


Perhaps it was his competitive spirit that got him to where he is today, that’s certainly evident when he speaks of his hobbies. Sports make up a large part of his life outside of work; both watching and playing. Having retired from rugby after dislocating both shoulders (not at the same time, I checked) he now focuses more on football but says he’ll play anything where he can win.


Occasionally he does allow himself some down time. That’s when him and girlfriend, Rachel chill out and watch some TV or a movie. Man on Fire is his favourite movie, and while Craig is currently catching up with Breaking Bad, his favourite series has got to be Game of Thrones.

As a fan of corny lines, whether he likes to admit it or not, I’ll leave you with some of Craig’s career advice: “You reap what you sow.” Wise words Craig!