Welcome to the world of Naomi

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.

If you have ever communicated with Web Applications UK in any way, shape or form, I’d bet that you would have come across Naomi. The first ever member of the admin team, a Web Applications UK veteran and a friendly face at the front desk, Naomi is a key part of the glue that holds the company together.

Her first and only ever profile blog was all the way back in 2010 and how times have changed, Naomi has recently been promoted to Administrative Co-ordinator! Yesterday I sat down with her to find out a little more about her, her new role and the past six years.



Local girl, Naomi joined us in January 2007 as an Administrator; her day to day duties involved answering the phones, dealing with post, and general office tasks. For the first few days, she was scared of the phone, can you believe it? But now “hello you’re through to Naomi” is second nature to her. Over time, her responsibilities have developed considerably and she is now involved in many more tasks. These include; test centre administration, accounts, recruitment, health and safety, holiday requests, marketing and event planning, calendaring, purchasing, weekly/monthly billing, customer quotes, time keeping and rotas (and breathe)!

As a rough estimate, Naomi has been here for around 2391 days and not one has been the same as another. Having joined at the age of 17, Naomi has arguably grown up here. Her time over the past few years has led her to become much more confident person, really coming out of her shell. She went on to mention Cheryl, Craig, Lee and Gordon in particular who have helped her from the start, always being there for support and guidance. But the stand out moment for her was meeting and then working with Office Manager, Viv. Naomi and Viv have worked in the same team for the past five years and Naomi has learnt a great deal from her. Having developed a great friendship, they are looking forward to working together for many more years.


In order to gain a fuller picture of Naomi’s time over the past six years, here are some random facts: She was the 20th employee at the company, has seen three office moves including the big one to Windsor Works, at one point she has sat with every team in the company, this includes her sitting in a total of eleven different seats, she has been to six Christmas parties and organised five of them. She can also name the exact month and year that everyone in the company started. I can vouch for this, when we did a little test she got five out of five correct!

Now you know all about Naomi, Administrative Co-ordinator so here’s a little more about Naomi, just Naomi.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, spending time with her family and is recently an avid netball player (the founder of the Webbie netball team, may I add). Web Applications UK has opened up her mind a lot, she is now interested in gadgets and the technology. She has recently invested in the Samsung Galaxy S4 and is amazed that she can use it as a TV remote control.

An obvious people person, it’s no surprise that socialising with friends is a big part of Naomi’s life. Elements of her role at work creep into her personal life as she enjoys organising events for her friends and family. She recently organised a surprise 30th birthday party for her sister and is in the middle of setting up a pub golf night out for her friends.

One interesting fact that you may not have known about Naomi is that she can Irish dance! She learnt when she was younger and danced for around three years. Although, she wouldn’t show me in the middle of the office, explaining she needs a little Dutch courage!

It was a pleasure to sit down with Naomi and reflect over her past six years. When I asked her where she sees her future heading, she said “here of course, I will be here until I am 65 (that is the retirement age right?)”.