Webbie Wimble-DONE

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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It’s safe to say that Wimbledon 2013 has been one to remember. For a start we actually had some sun, top seeds were knocked out early and, for the first time in 77 years, a British man won! But the drama and suspense we have experienced in our own Wimbledon-style table tennis tournament goes unparalleled.


With our meeting room transformed into a table tennis stadium that dreams are made of, sixteen Webbies of, shall we say, mixed abilities started with the intention of having a bit of fun. The first couple of matches were light-hearted, friendly games between Richard v Ben and Sophia v Jeff.


Then there was Nick, our Sales Director who had clearly been practicing after being pipped to the post in last year’s Office Olympics by Network Engineer, Dale. Nick’s competitive spirit soon proved to be infectious and suddenly everyone was in it to win it.


Having been knocked out at the first Nick-shaped hurdle, I joined the spectators as we witnessed some of the most tense table tennis matches in history. The added obstacle of an unconventional table was too much to handle for some, whilst others took advantage and aimed for the spots that would be difficult to return shots from.


As the final approached, it was clear that this was a two-horse race. Nick facing Dale in the final seemed inevitable and when it came to it, they did not disappoint. The game was close from the start, matching each other’s points serve by serve. Reaching 10-10, it was no longer the first to 11 as the winner must have two clear points. The pressure proved too much for Dale and after two impressive rallies, Nick dominated 12-10.


Congratulations go to Nick, our well-deserved winner! Oh, and Murray of course.