Start your IT career now!

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

For years we have offered work experience opportunities and industrial placements for young people wanting work in IT. Not only this, but we have also welcomed a number of apprentices into our team, giving them a real feel for the industry. Now we are taking it one step further and taking this to a wider scale with our IT apprenticeship scheme. Starting in September 2013, we will provide our apprentices with on-the-job training here at Web Applications UK and formal training towards a range of qualifications held at our sister company, The Centre of Excellence.

Our IT apprenticeship scheme coincides with Oldham Council’s wider campaign to Get Oldham Working, a project aiming to improve the prospects for the borough’s young people. More specifically, this campaign aims to guarantee that every young person leaving school at 18 years old has an employment, educational or training opportunity.

In May 2013, we attended the One Oldham Business Awards as we have every year. It was during this event that the Get Oldham Working campaign to create 2,015 jobs by 2015 was announced. Oldham Council Leader, Jim McMahon urged local businesses to join forces with schools, colleges and the job centre to achieve this mission. Investing in young people has always been important to us and our apprenticeship scheme will go even further towards ensuring a successful future for our town.

Our IT apprenticeship scheme is aimed at 16-18 year olds wanting to pursue a career in IT. Not only will they receive high quality training at The Centre of Excellence, accredited by Skillsfirst, they will experience real on-the-job training at a leading software development company.

The young apprentices will be trained for life, ensuring that they are positively influenced from a relatively young age, starting their IT career in the best way possible. Those who complete the apprenticeship successfully will be considered for a permanent job, to join our ever expanding team.

We believe it is vital to work in unison with the council to support the council’s effort to education, work, training and experience. Our young people are our future and it is essential that we devote time and effort to them for the long term prospects of our borough.

We were pleased to finally announce our apprenticeship scheme this week, and can’t wait to get it started in September. First we have to find our lucky apprentice Webbies, so get your CVs in!