Kingfisher Kids Get Arty

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

As a supporter of the Kingfisher Community Special School, we invited the children to produce some artwork for our meeting rooms. A group of children came into our offices in May and were inspired by the colours and shapes they saw around them, as well as those from their sensory wall at school. Excited by our whiteboard walls, they wrote thank you messages and drew shapes before getting to work. The end results were delivered to us yesterday by Michael Unsworth, Business Manager and Nicola Found, Teacher.


It’s important to us that our offices reflect who we are as a business. To that end, we were eager for all artwork to have a deep connection to our community, both the artist and the subject matter. Kingfisher is an inspirational school we are proud to support, and after the artwork we received at the Kingfisher Charity Ball on display in our kitchen, we knew they would produce some incredible pieces for us.


Marking the progression of the school over recent years, Kingfisher have been working on a school project around ‘The Journey’. The artwork project commissioned by us enabled them to continue ‘The Journey’ beyond its boundaries within the school, showcasing the children’s achievements to the wider public.


Created by children from the Owls class, the work involved using chalk pastel on a black acrylic background – the theme being mark making and taking a journey with the chalk. This technique was repeated using coloured ice on white paper, exploring lines and shapes. These two pieces are now proudly displayed in our two main meeting rooms.


This idea was shared with another Kingfisher class, Ospreys, who worked collaboratively with a local mainstream school to create our third piece of artwork which currently hangs beautifully in our reception area.


Together, the three groups of children have produced three fantastic pieces of art that celebrate Kingfisher, our town and the journey we’ve all been on.