Through the keyhole of Web Applications UK

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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Our four year anniversary of Web Applications UK taking up a new home in Windsor Works is fast approaching. The move into the new, high tech offices aimed to improve our working environment and provide more space for our expanding team.

Speaking to those long-time Webbies who were around in 2009 during the move, it’s clear that our offices have definitely done what they set out to achieve. The larger space has been perfect to accommodate our ever growing workforce with expansions into the ground floor as well as our original first floor.

Using two floors in our converted mill, our offices are split up into three modern and comfortable working environments. Many cool features have been added, with a particular favourite being the whiteboard walls. Writing on the walls is perfect for a brainstorm in any of our meeting rooms!

Recent visitors to Windsor Works have commented on our modern offices, reminding us how awesome they really are.

We have captured our offices on camera so you can see for yourself…