The End of an Era!

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

Today is a sad day in Windsor Works as it is officially the last day for our current industrial placement students. In July 2012, seven students from a range of local universities joined us to work as Software Engineers. It has been a fantastic year and it has been great to see them flourish into talented developers. Here is how some of them described their year at Web Applications UK…

Nikki: “The past year has been everything I could have asked for out of a placement, and more!”

Ryan: “My time here over the last year has absolutely flown by which isn’t surprising since it’s such a fun place to work! In amongst the fun though, I have definitely learnt lots of things which are invaluable for my future.”

Ilken: “My placement year at Web Apps is a bit like eating a pizza when you are hungry. First you attack to get rid of your hunger feeling. Then you start to enjoy the taste. And finally you feel sad because you are eating the last slice.”

Matt: “Skills development and personal training is a heavy focus at Web Apps and I think it’s awesome. Between the complex systems I’ve worked on and the personal technical projects, I feel that Web Apps has challenged me as much as it has allowed me to advance myself over the past year.”

James: “I’ve had an amazing year, learning so much and being brought on as a developer by Web Apps. A special thanks to the Senior Engineers and Developers who gave their time to help me through it. I can’t wait to come back.”



To mark the occasion, we have been trying to make their last day as special as possible. Balloons have been put up in the kitchen and in true Webbie style, we indulged in a selection of cakes, cookies and donuts. All of the placement students were treated to pizza at lunch and we will be painting the town red this evening for their leaving party!


Just to make sure that they don’t forget us and their time at Web Applications UK, we made them a small memento to take with them, filled with pictures and messages from colleagues that have turned into friends over the past year.


Our sadness to see our current students leave is mixed with excitement to welcome eleven new ones on Monday morning. We can’t wait for a new chapter to begin!