Six Years of Super Jeff

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

Since joining us in June 2007, Jeff has had quite the career at Web Applications UK. Initially starting as a Software Engineer, he moved into our support department, became a Senior Engineer there and then moved back out into development. Now, Jeff has been promoted to the brand new role of Development Group Manager and we couldn’t be more thrilled for him.

June 2013

While he’ll miss coding, Jeff told me that he knows his real skills lie in people management, whilst having the necessary knowledge of software development for his role. As part of his new job, Jeff will be responsible for overseeing our developers, scheduling work to them based on skills and availability and maybe once in a while he’ll have to kick some ass. But don’t worry, he’s assured me it’s not his first time!

WAUK Hack MCR Team - 1

Put simply, helping people is what Jeff loves most about his job, along with seeing them improve as developers. With his new title, Jeff has the noble goal of improving development within the business by bringing all Software Engineers up to the same high standard of programming.


During his time here, Jeff has made some great friends, including Senior Engineer Pete who started around the same time. Jeff even met wife-to-be Wah Yan here as she was one of our Graphic Designers. It was beautiful to witness their love begin to blossom in February last year after he asked her on their first date via our instant messaging software, Lync. Jeff admits his wasn’t the most romantic of proposals, but perfect for them as they decided to marry together and even went shopping for the ring together. It’s not possible to be as ecstatic as Jeff is but the prospect of a Webbie wedding is very exciting!

Their wedding website, designed by Wah Yan and developed by Jeff, tells me it’s just 51 days until their big day! Plans are pretty much all in place at this point, with Jeff currently working on a Twitter wall for the reception. If you want to send them your well wishes, the hashtag is #jeffandwahyan.


Unfortunately, as the wedding grew from a small affair to something much bigger with banquets and all, they’ve run out of budget for a honeymoon. Never fear though, they’re off to Thailand next year. After that, Jeff revealed it was possible they’d think about starting a family. Aww, a Webbie baby!


Most of Jeff’s hobbies involve food. Masterchef Jeff (I love a good rhyme!) enjoys cooking a fusion of different cuisines. He describes his approach as chucking everything in a pan and hoping for the best but I’m told his original creations are usually quite delicious. Eating out is one of Jeff’s favourite things to do and he’s a massive fan of Manchester’s Northern Quarter for its amazing and quirky eateries.

Jeff’s a very likeable fellow, popular with everyone who has the pleasure to work with him. Most people would say it’s his easy going, happy-go-lucky nature but Jeff’s not always that way. There’s one thing that really gets to him…bare feet. So for the love of Jeff, keep your socks and shoes on people!