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A guest post by work experience student, Chloe Booth:



From 17th – 21st June I was given the opportunity to do a week’s worth of work experience as a PR Assistant at Web Applications UK. Throughout the week I completed many different tasks which were all beneficial in slightly different ways.



I am currently at North Chadderton Sixth form, studying English Language, Media, Psychology and Business with the hope to study a Business and Marketing course at university.

One of my tasks was to think of a new radio advert to advertise Web Applications UK’s new apprenticeship programme; I listened to the radio to try and think of some new ideas. When I thought of an idea I carried on with it to try and better my advert. This was highly beneficial as I am really interested in how audiences are marketed to and how this can influence their actions.

Another task I was a part of was the planning of the Christmas party. This is something that Web Applications UK invest a lot of money into and it is an event that the employees look forward to. I found this useful as it allowed me to see everything that has to be thought of when planning such a big event. It also improved my organisational skills as there were many different factors that I had to consider and make a record of.


The most exciting part of the week was going to the Greater Manchester Chamber Of Commerce’s Action for Business Forum; this was an event that I was taken to by Craig, the Chief Executive. Lots of businesses attend this event and it is an opportunity for business owners to network. The subject of this event was how to cut costs within your business. This was my favourite part of the week as I have never been to an event like this before and it gave me a real flavour of the business world. It allowed me to interact with current employers and discover what they are looking for when recruiting new employees.

This isn’t the end of my Web Applications UK experience, I will be seeing them at the North Chadderton Sixth Form Careers Fair on 2nd July. They will be explaining to students that there are many different pathways to take at the end of sixth form/school which can all lead to successful careers.