.NET Fundamentals Training Part 3

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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A preview of the third instalment of our .NET Fundamentals training sessions has gone live on YouTube. The full video is made available internally to all our Software Engineers and we’ve released a heavily cut version to illustrate the types of things we’ve been discussing.

Our Chief Executive, Craig has been leading the sessions himself and ensures they are interactive with plenty of audience participation. Asking questions as he runs through various tips in C# and .NET, Craig ensures everyone is keeping up with him and understanding what he’s talking about. It works too; as one of the least technical people in our office, I was beyond proud when I was actually able to understand and answer one of the questions! If Craig can teach me, he can teach anyone!

Continuing from the previous session, Craig returns to his ExampleApp and talks through classes, points and dictionaries, amongst other things. He gave some performance optimisation tips and advice about how to avoid creating bugs in your code. Features of ReSharper and Visual Studio were also explored.

Training is an important part of our work, keeping everyone at the cutting edge of technology. Take a look at some of the .NET tutorials given each week on our YouTube channel and below: