Shahbaz celebrates his first webbiversary!

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

I know it was you, Fredo.

Software Engineer Shahbaz recently celebrated his first webbiversary so we’ve been reflecting on his time as a Webbie so far.


Shahbaz has always been interested in computers and programming since a very young age. He received his first computer when he was 10 and spent hours and hours figuring out how the programs worked. Some may say that Shahbaz was destined to be a Software Engineer as many of his relatives are programmers, it must be in the blood!

During his A Levels, Shahbaz studied computing where his interest in programming really took off. He achieved an A grade and went on to study Software Engineering at Salford University. After four years of hard work, he graduated in July 2012 with a first class honours degree, his proudest moment to date!


Web Applications UK first caught Shahbaz’s eye at a university recruitment fair. Living relatively locally in Mossley, Shahbaz could not believe his luck when he found his perfect job, close to home! But the main thing that jumped out about Web Applications UK to him was the focus on development here. As a recent graduate, Shahbaz wanted to carry on learning after university. Through continuous training, exams and personal development time, Shahbaz is always progressing as a Software Engineer, ensuring that he is at the top of his game.

When he isn’t working, Shahbaz is a fitness fanatic. Every morning, he gets up and completes a 3 mile run. Although this isn’t something I would fancy doing at the crack of dawn, Shahbaz uses flexi-time to his advantage, allowing him to have a little bit of a lie in. Then, after a full day at work, he does mixed martial arts in the evening. What a trooper!

Music is another huge part of Shahbaz’s life and has been known to dabble in DJing, song writing and producing. For the past four years he has rented a studio where he produces electro-house music.


Not only is Shahbaz musically talented, he has a few hidden talents that perhaps should remain hidden! Similarly to Lee, Shahbaz can turn his eyelids inside out. He also has double jointed arms, meaning he can bend them in the both directions.

His first year at Web Applications UK has been everything Shahbaz was hoping for and more. Alongside doing a job that he is extremely passionate about, the daily atmosphere in the office makes working at Web Applications UK great. Happy webbiversary Shahbaz, here’s to many more!