All Stars and Strikes

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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As most of you will be aware, us Webbies love a bit of competitive spirit. Last night, a group of us took to the lanes for a game of ten pin bowling. All Star Lanes, Manchester was our bowling alley of choice and we were more than impressed with the amazing venue.

With our group split across three lanes, we were competing for victory within our lane and across the whole group. Some were in the competitive zone, Kerry was psyching herself up and willing herself to get a strike at one point. But hey, it worked! Others, whose names it wouldn’t be fair to mention, held no hope of winning so just threw the ball and hoped for the best. I must admit, I fell into the latter category so a victory dance was inevitable when I somehow managed a strike!


In lane one, Craig, Naomi, Matt, Chris and Ben paled into comparison against Viv and she was the clear winner from the start. Her determination and practised technique had her way up front, beating the rest with 119.

Lane two consisted of myself, Kerry, Ilken, Allan, Rob and Richard. With Allan’s brute force, Ilken’s pro techniques and Kerry’s positive thinking it was a very close race. At the last minute, Ilken beat Kerry by just one point, making him our champion with 109.


Suspense built over on lane three as they were last to finish and had gathered the rest of us as an audience. Between Mark, Ryan, Nick, Nikki, Craig K and Michelle, there were a few great bowlers, so anyone could have won. In the end, only a few points were in it between Mark and Craig K. As they threw their last balls, the pressure appeared to get to Craig K, making Mark victorious not only in that lane but the whole group with 136.

After such a rollercoaster of a game, we’d all had a great time and weren’t ready to stop having fun just yet. With the night still young, we treated ourselves to some great food, drinks and laughter. Work hard, play hard!