Board Game Club, still going strong!

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

Since I joined Web Applications UK around nine months ago, I have heard a lot of talk of Board Game Club but I haven’t had chance to get involved… Until now!

For those of you who are unaware, board game club is a fortnightly event set up by Services Manager, Rob. Starting the evening off with some pizza, attendees play a few board games from Rob and Safder’s growing collections. Previous games have included the likes of Lancaster, 7 Wonders and Zombie Dice, amongst many others.


The first game on the cards (excuse the pun) was The Resistance, a make believe battle between a resistance group and the government spies. At the start of the game, myself, Chris, Richard and guest Webbie Becky were randomly chosen to be spies. Put simply, the game is split up into missions and it is the job of the spies to fail the mission and the resistance group to pass it. All members in the group are also hoping to discover who the spies are to prevent sending them on the missions. From the start it was my tactic to play dumb, pretending I had no clue what I was doing when I had already figured out exactly what to do. With two passes and two fails going into the last round, it was a close game but the final fail meant the spies were victorious! I somehow don’t think my tactic will work next time but for now I can happily say I am reigning champion of The Resistance.

After a short break, we split up into two smaller groups and I went with Rob, Ben and Chris to play Pandemic, a cooperative rather than competitive game. We all worked together to discover the cure for and eradicate four diseases that had broken out all over the world. Another victory!



Finally, we moved onto Carcassonne, a tile placement game where we all took turns to place tiles, building up points by controlling certain regions with our populations of ‘meople’.  Unfortunately, my success didn’t last and I finished in last place in this one. The race to be winner was very tight with new BGC member, Chris pipping founder, Rob at the post by one point!


It is safe to say that Board Game Club wasn’t what I expected – there was no sight of Monopoly, Cluedo or even Scrabble! Nevertheless, I had a great time and I will definitely be attending the next one in two weeks’ time!