Welcoming a record number of industrial placement students

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

I know it was you, Fredo.

Every year we take on students during their industrial placement year to work with us as Software Engineers. Their eagerness to learn and enthusiasm to get involved socially has made this year’s group of seven fantastic additions to our team.

Our industrial placement scheme is a year of intense training and real experience developing for live systems. During this time they are mentored by more experienced Software Engineers and Senior Engineers, often with buddy programming. By moving between teams, they gain experience using a variety of technologies and coding in a range of languages. With a rotation into our Support department for one month, they learn how to avoid common mistakes that can cause bugs. Personal development time allows them to pursue some self-led learning. Many have used this time to their advantage, starting their final year projects early.


In just one month’s time we will be bidding our current industrial placement students farewell as they return to complete their final year at university. The successful IPs have secured a job here for after they have graduated, including being paid throughout their final year. While they’re gone we’ll remain in touch with three working weeks at various points in the year, and of course they will all be invited to our many social events.

Our sadness to see them go is mixed with excitement to welcome the next group of industrial placement students in July. A record number of eleven will be joining us along with two interns for the summer and three younger students gaining work experience.

So the next few months are set to be very busy, with lots of new faces around the office. Just how we like it!